A cat has an earache: causes, how to understand, symptoms, first aid, what to do at home
Each cat breed has some characteristic feature that distinguishes it from others. Some
Medicines for rhinitis in cats
A kitten's eyes are watering: what to do, reasons, norm and pathology, characteristics of different breeds
Causes: Why do cats have watery eyes? So, your pet is constantly “crying”. From
The cat has a bubble on her stomach with fluid. Dropsy in cats: a harmless syndrome or a sign of the development of pathology
What it is? This is the name of a pathology in which the volume of the lungs increases noticeably due to
Lentigo in cats in the photo: causes and danger of the defect
Lentigo simplex: dangerous or not skin defect The formation of lentigo (lentigo simplex) is associated with the presence
Why doesn't the cat respond to its name?
Why are my cat's pupils dilated over the entire eye and do not react to light?
Main causes Stress and nerves A common reason under the influence of which the pupils are observed to be wide. If
Types of hematomas in cats: first aid and treatment
Other diseases Is it necessary to somehow treat cones and hematomas of cats?
A type of mechanical injury in domestic cats and dogs is a bruise. The damage is characterized
How to treat autoimmune processes in a cat. Pemphigus in cats and cats
Lupus in cats: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Lupus erythematosus is a disease of cats of an autoimmune nature
Fighting causes dysphagia
How many times a day should cats be fed and what does it depend on?
Swallowing disorder is called dysphagia. This condition occurs in cats of all ages. In some cases
The cat swallowed a needle
The cat ate the toy, what should I do? What to do if a cat swallows a needle? The cat ate the threads and is clearly unwell: what to do
What is the danger When a cat sees a thread, he immediately remembers his childhood, a piece of paper on a string and a funny
Why do tubercles appear on a cat’s ears and how to treat them?
What affects tumor formation and symptoms? Before prescribing treatment, it is necessary to find out the factor that led to
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